Wild Mustangs!

Today I want to share with you wild mustangs! In my previous post I have shared a natural spring that supports life on the open Nevada range. Well I thought it was time for me to share just what exactly what some is in their natural Nevada desert habitat. It is not too uncommon to see Wild Mustangs out on the Nevada high desert range. They usually travel in groups and often have little colts by their side.

It’s incredible these are prehistorically animals that have evolved to adapt to the harsh desert conditions. However, with Nevada’s natural springs they have plenty of water. Finding food to keep them alive is more challenging then just returning to a spring. Luckily  these horses are adaptive and have even made their own network to trails around the desert to get around. These are truly amazing animals because they have done such a great job at adapting to their conditions.

Unfortunately, the wild mustang population is exploding and is taking its toll on their food resources. This forces some mustangs to travel to lower ground and look for food. As you can see below, this neighborhood has been negatively impacted by the horse population. The horses have come down to eat the grass and other shrubs in peoples yards because there are too many horses for the range to sustain.

photo (1)

The BLM is trying to address the problem with the wild mustang population problem by doing round-ups. This has been very controversial though and has sparked resistance from groups like Wild Horse Education.

It seems there is no clear answer to the horse population problem. However, one thing most can agree on is these are beautiful animals.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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